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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Everything You Need to Know About Acai Berry

A food item that is getting more press than the President these days
is the Acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-ee") Berry. This 'super fruit' is
getting more and more exposure as it is linked to incredible health
benefits and also supposed to be a miracle ingredient for weight loss
supplements. The question is: Is Acai actually good or bad for you?

The Acai Berry is grown in the Amazon Rain Forest and has been a part
of the diet of the locales for hundreds of years. Believe it or not,
the berry itself is mostly seed (about 90%). When harvested, it is
separated from its pit and pressed and turned into an edible puree.

Antioxidants are all the rage right now and that is where this fruit
gets its nickname, 'the super fruit'. Currently, the blueberry is
recognized as the leader in antioxidants, but the Acai Berry puts it
to shame having a ratio of better than 5:1 over the blueberry. With
numbers like that, it is easy to see where the tag came from!

If you are not familiar with antioxidants, they are what help our
bodies naturally combat many things. Amongst the areas that they help
are: the immune system, maintaining good cholesterol and fighting
heart disease, aids in peaceful sleep, improves digestion and of
course, weigh loss. The last one is the biggy as our entire country is
obsesses with how they look and this fruit is deemed to be at the
heart of the cure for obesity.

Acai has been given as the savior of the obese and weight loss
companies are taking full advantage of it. However, this is also where
Acai gets it bad reputation from. This is an unearned reputation
though as Acai by itself has no side effect, quite the opposite, it
does nothing but improve our health. The actual culprit in this whole
situation is another ingredient that is usually paired up with the
Acai Berry, Guarana. Have no fear, you can purchase a pure Acai
abstract and only get benefits, just beware of any product that also
has Guarana, especially if you have high blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So Acai berry does it all. But does the Acai berry have side effects? because all this seems way too good to be true. If you are in doubt about acai side effects have no fear because so far there has been no evidence of such. Take your acai pure and fresh. That way you can avoid the extra chemicals that are added to acai supplement which might cause side effects. Kudos to you my friend for enlightening us about acai.

George Alarcon said...

Thanks for offering quite a bit of information on the acai berry diet which many people are embracing for good reason.

George Alarcon said...

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